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2 For Nothing101 viewsThis "DYNAMIC" group got the whole place rockin' and rollin'. What an incredible sound they make. If you missed hearing 2 For Nothing this "MUTS" celebration, then you gotta hear them next July 17th. 1 comments
Sweet Spring Memories at Body Harmony Spa101 views
Charmie Body Harmony Practitioner101 viewsWhat would we do without Charmie. She puts the "Bright" in our day!
Sara & Charmie's BIRTHDAY!!!101 views
Chris and Therese Romance Session DELUX!101 views2 comments
101 views1 comments
BODY HARMONY PHOTO SHOOT101 viewsIt feels like the weight of the world is lifting off of them... your shoulders ~
101 viewsOH MY GOSH! Warm Shea Butter drizzling s-l-o-w-l-y over the top of your head.
BODY HARMONY PHOTO SHOOT100 viewsSpeaking of feet. Happy feet! Check out these little critters. These are Body Harmony slippers supplied by The Magnolia House Antiques & Gifts in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Like everything else at Body Harmony Spa, these too are for sale, thanks to The Magnolia House. Not only these ladybugs, but there are all kinds of cute and comfortable slippers to choose from. Which ones will you be wearing after your session? Which ones will you be taking home?
BODY HARMONY PHOTO SHOOT100 viewsTime for painting on the Dead Sea Mud. The real deal too. Right from the Dead Sea. It's full of trace minerals, and it makes your skin oh - so soft and nourished.

Remember now, while all of this is happening to you, the music is coming up from the soft and comforting Body Harmony Instrument Bed, as you are enveloped in the surround-sound music filling the air as well.
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