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Your Body Harmony Session occurs while restfully laying on the Body Harmony Instrument Bed TM. The speakers and tweeter is inside of the bed, and the music coming from inside the instrument, which is conformed to your body on plush foam surface, while the music resonates in and through your body at cellular levels.

One important aspect of the Body Harmony concept and experience is the way in which we utilize rhythmic music to encourage relaxation and the reduction of stress embedded within our bodies. It is in this state that your body releases endorphins. The relaxing effects of music are well known and the vibratory sensitivity of the beat and rhythm of the music coming through the Body Harmony Instrument Bed are natural and holistically received by your bodies system. The Body Harmony Instrument Bed transmits music into the body through a unique custom sound system built into the Bed, combined with a complete surround sound system within the room. In this way the music is to be both heard by the ears as well as felt within one's entire being, which causes the body to open to receive healing by all holistically natural means.

According to studies; the vibration and sounds of music in close contact is like a gentle massage on every internal organ, right down to the very cells themselves and becomes a relaxing acoustical massage for the entire bodies system. This stimulates receptors that suppress pain impulses transmitted from nerve endings to the brain, and triggers additional non-pain signals that are also processed by the brain. This is one reason why we call our unique concept for ultimate relaxation, "BODY HARMONY!" (Music is a major contributing factor that helps to bring the body into harmony.)

Body Harmony Instrument Bed ~ Sound Theory
Natural Method ~ De-stressing and Healing
The Holistic Benefits to Your Body

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You are invited to select your own music. The music used in the Body Harmony Instrument Bed is from Orange Tree Productions: http://bodyharmonydayspa.com/music1.html

Orange Tree Productions technicians take highly sophisticated sound equipment to all of the national parks throughout America and leave it there to record the nature sounds from each particular place and state. Keeping the nature sounds as they were recorded the only addition to this naturally holistic, endorphin-releasing phenomenon is authentic accompaniment: orchestra, or guitar, flute, and piano music bring the nature sounds to a higher level of enjoyment. No Synthesizer music is used. Everything used at Body Harmony is natural/raw/organic/pure and simple. No synthetics, artificial or chemicals are used. Even the dark chocolate brownies and chocolate covered strawberries during your recovery time are made from scratch.

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